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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Talk Group 31630: The Talk Group For Learning!
The idea of the STEM TG is to be a place where people can go to have a discussion about anything in which the outcome results in participants learning something NOT just related to something 100% amateur radio focused!!

HVDN wanted to keep the concept behind STEM simple.

The STEM talk group is just one element of HVDN's commitment to digital education enabled by amateur radio and where to find it in the Hudson Valley and beyond!

STEM was a great choice since it fits nicely on your radio’s display, along with the fact that it’s associated with learning, so the idea is so much bigger than such a short name.

Not Just Ham Radio: STEM Talk Group is better than an old fashioned "Amateur Radio Net" !

As an example, people could reserve STEM to discuss an upcoming solar eclipse, open hardware projects, or convergence between programming in Python and some other STEM application!

This would be a one time commitment by whom ever scheduled the use of the STEM talk group which is very different than how any "Amateur Radio Net" typically is organized, which is normally by the same person every time the "Net" takes place.
Who was last heard on STEM TG 31630?
View "Last Heard" via Brandmeister here
Would you like to just listen in to STEM TG 31630?
Listen in via the Brandmeister "Hose" here
How will I know when scheduled STEM discussions are taking place?
View the HVDN Activity Calendar here
What if I want to participate in a STEM discussion, but I do not have a DMR radio?

HVDN operates a Echolink to DMR bridge. Look for N2HVD-R in the listing of stations after you log in to Echolink. More detail on this system is here.

How can I share thoughts about STEM topics without transmitting "On The Air?
Comment below or use the HVDN mesh chat if you are already a licensed ham

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