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Monday, October 22, 2018

Happy Monday Again!; Ashford School and ISS Make Contact

The front gate to Burger Hill at Drayton Grant Park in Rhinebeck, New York was closed (and locked) at 8:45 AM this morning, so a quick decision to either quickly go home or find an alternate location to record the 9:05AM rescheduled ISS contact with a school in Ashford, CT was needed.

One of the many student questions that Serena Auñón-Chancellor answered included important ion propulsion technology that may one day take Earthlings to Mars. More below including recordings!

Ion propulsion will be important in getting to Mars - Serena KG5TMT

Tracking the ISS

Orbitron software was used to track the International Space Station. Combined with the software defined radio program, SDR#, its possible to keep the frequency locked on to accommodate for slight drift called the "Doppler Effect".  At VHF ((145.800MHz), the Doppler effect is not as pronounced compared to higher frequency, such as at 445 MHz. 

Recording location was far from optimal for best line of site on the grounds of CO. in Rhinebeck on such short notice.

The Ashford Band YouTube channel has shared a video of the setup and ultimate discussion with Astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor M.D, KG5TMT.

Reception site of K2GOG in NY and KM1Z down-link site for ISS in Connecticut
YouTube link jumps to 41:50 into the 56:00 video where the actual contact between KZ1M and NA1ISS, operated by Serena.

To both see and hear the down-link signal from the International Space Station, HVDN has two files:

The HVDN files are only “one way” because line of sight from the ISS to where the recording took place was too far away from where KZ1M was located.

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